Monday, 18 July 2011

How to crack the password of an account of yahoo messenger / email

This version works only if you selected to Yahoo Messenger to remember your password.
 To export the password must follow these steps:
1. Start, then Run and in the window box that appears type regedit and click OK them.

2 Navigate with double click on each word (ie registry key: Software or eg Yahoo) the following string: HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Yahoo \ pager
 your password is on the right in the key called ETS and is something like: “ETS”=”SrJRugClCzXwxKdQrW.wMeAegkeHf_qF8A6EtkjN3T..75FD8Lk……

3. When you have reached keya called Pager, right click and go to Export, then will ask you to save a file with. "reg"
Put this file in a safe place because it contains your password to mess ID / email.
 Double-click the file that you just exported to conect.
PS: Do not change anything in the Registry If you're not what you do. DELETION OF CERTAIN Registry Keys MAY DETERMINE renders the system unusable and you will make an extra work (INSTALL Windows) 

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