Tuesday 13 November 2012

Best PTC sites

Here you will find the best PTC sites with evidence of payment. One of the best ways by which you can make money is PTC site. How to earn money on internet with ptc sites? Sign up through the banners or links below, view ads and earn money. To earn more money online by PTC method, you must count on referrals system. Referrals are people who register through you, through your banner or your referral link. For each ad viewed by one of your referrals, you get between 10% and 50% of the gain that receives that referral.Suppose you convince 100 people (friends, colleagues, neighbors or retired with a lot of free time) to sign up trough your banner or your link, and each referral earn 100$ per month from all PTC sites provided you, this means: 100 referrals x 10% at least, gain every referral = 1000$ per month. Earnings gather in PTC account and you'll be able to withdraw into a PayPal or AlertPay account, when you reach minimum withdrawal amount (between $ 1 and $ 10).

1. Neobux - best PTC site and the old "veteran" through which that you can make money online. Click on the banner or link below to register. Do the same for each PTC site basis. If you register on all PTC sites below, earnings will be higher.

Proof of payment
3. ClixSense

Dovada de plata ClixSense
4. ProBux



Dovada de plata ProBux

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